Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Part 2

We all arrived at the Best Western in Smyrna at the same time (about 1 minute apart). Hugs abounded! Nena - whom I've known since 1998 I think; Heather, whom I just met; and Jessica, whom I've also known since my Anastasia staff days. What a treat.
We crashed for a little bit in our hot hotel room (no air on before we got there). Then we went to Publix to round out our snacks. The Robshaw sent me a great basket with wonderful stuff in it - and the girls had brought me some great stuff as well. I provided all the snacks for the weekend.
So, they let me rave about Publix!
Then we all got ready to go to the Virginia Highlands area of ATL. It was great. Dr. Wilder had suggested it - and it was a great suggestion!
We went to Murphy's and Cafe Intermezzo (in Buckhead) - see food blog for write ups on those. Both were great, I love knowledgeable waiters and other foodies to enjoy it with. We did some shopping in some way too expensive stores but eclectic - so they were fun to window-shop.
Then we headed to the Buckhead area via Jessica's map reading! :) There are definitely parts of ATL that I do not want to get lost in... How many "adult stores" did we pass, Heather?
By the time we got back to the hotel, we each were doing some reading in the Word, turned on ESPN for some highlights of the opening NCAA football weekend, and then called it a night. We were all tired.

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