Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Learned from Not Having Any Power

1. God is still God. I think through all of this, and my reading in Ephesians, Romans, and Worldliness by the Sov Grace guys, I've learned this very well this week. He has already provided me with everything I need in Christ. Not having power for 7 days will not change that fact. And, I rely way too heavily on media.
2. Community is very important. I've been in Louisville now a year and am very thankful for the community base that I have here. The Jones, Weldys, Lorrie, Myers, Lisa D, Brandi, other LEAD Staff, Tjaders, Tracy - and probably some I'm forgetting - all were a blessing to me during this time. Whether it was just a word, a "I've come to check up on you", a TV to watch the Gator game, banana bread, flashlight, a dark room to sleep in, play time with babies, free food - all these things are so important! :) Thank you!
3. God gets more glory when praise and thanks come from my mouth than grumbling and complaining. What good would it do me to complain anyway? And I was able to speak of God's goodness instead of my bothersome no electricity this week.
4. I am very thankful for electricity. This is definitely the longest I've been without it. My toothbrush (charged by electricity), my phone (I had to drive around town the first 2 days to charge it), my computer (it was dead after the first couple of hours), my fridge (I love to cook, my fridge will have to start all over tonight), hot water (to wash dishes or take a hot shower), reading at night (I'm thankful for the flashlight loaned to me by Jesse, but I'd much rather have real electricity to read, Dr. Horner would probably agree).
God is a good and faithful and giving God! There are so many throughout the Ike-zone that still do not have it - and I am a Child of God - chosen and adopted by Him - so I have no reason to complain!

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