Monday, September 29, 2008

My weekend in NC

How I love this state!
Friday we drove (friends in the housing office here at SBTS) to Wake Forest, NC. The Eastern part of KY and WV is so pretty - especially at dusk with the sun and leaves that are just starting to change. Looking forward to this drive again in November and then back to EK for T-day and B-day.
The Manor House is such a welcoming place for guests and prospective students at Southeastern. I enjoy my stay there - the rooms were dark and quiet and Donna and Jeff Hagood are wonderful new hosts to the place! :)
Saturday morning the housing guys from here met with Sid King (facilities head at SEBTS) while I went and had lunch with Leah, Nathan, and Georgia Finn (and Baxter who arrived Sunday/early Monday). What a great treat it was for me to hang out with them, meet Georgia, talk about life, churches, schools, etc. Thank you Finn's for fitting me in to Baxter's due date (and Leah, I hope the shoes work for you if you got them). We had fun trying to get Georgia to smile and look at the camera. Sorry the last one is blurry - but I really think it is my camera, not Nathan's fault!
Then we had a grand tour of the housing units and campus from Doug Nalley (Housing Director at SEBTS). The Patterson's will be proud of their building - the newest one on campus. I got to see my friends Rach and Sarah - thank you for showing me and us your rooms.
Then we ate at Las Mas and drove on to UNC. Maggie gave us a great driving tour of campus and then Cat showed us her apt - I had never been in those.
Trey then gave us a tour of Duke - all three campuses. The chapel is of course gorgeous - but I loved the Old English style of Duke's west campus - where all the money is evidently put! I got my first glimpse into Cameron Indoor - (personally, Dean Dome is much bigger and better). Caedmon's had just finished a concert there and I saw friends Erin and Keith Anderson who I went to seminary with and they go to Richland Creek.
We then met up with Trey's girlfriend at Southpoint and went to CPK (the only one with a very very long wait). Then to the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, and on to Cook Out for a great shake.
Sunday morning was worship at Providence where I saw great friends Steve and Tina Wright, met Amber Hickman (due in December), and Stephanie Chiulli - great morning. Then drove on to Summit for church. Man - can I just bottle up Chris Gaynor and the choir/praise team/band and take them everywhere with me. I loved seeing Amber, Lauren, Jenn T, meeting Zeke Shelton, Chris, Jason D, Kristin B, Sarah D, meeting Jena-Marie, Danny, Bonnie, Shannon, Lauren, Janel, Clarissa, Jean-Ann, Trina and Doug and Nicholas (at RR), Barbara and Paul Derby, Eric and Leslie, Merriem and boys (save Jase), Carrie, Lynn, Tom S, Jonathan, Douglases (Jason's parents), Courtnee, Leslie, and just feeling loved, missed, and seeing friends! Thanks for the love guys!
Then we went to Red Robin for lunch and hit the road, stopping by IHOP in Kville on our way back to the ville - arriving at 1.10am. I was tired - but so thankful for many things this weekend.

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Shannon said...

Thank you so much for my birthday gift! That was so thoughtful and surprising. Sorry I didn't get to stay after to talk. I had 3 students getting baptized - couldn't miss that! :) Glad you had a good trip!