Sunday, September 07, 2008

Travels in KY - Paducah

Well, my Mom said I was in this city once before - on the back of a station wagon waiting for the ferry to cross the river. Well, the ferry no longer runs and I will remember this trip.
I was in Paducah for a KBC event...did my volunteering early in the morning - then began a sight seeing tour.
I went down to where the Ohio and TN rivers join - it was so pretty and quiet. I spent some time in the Word at a little table up on shore. I love water and quietness - so this was definitely a premier spot for me! Thank you God for leading me to this spot.
There was a walltowall history monument all along the river front. That was nice.
Then I found the Downtown Farmer's Market. I got pan pan squash, yellow pear tomatoes, corn, a fuji apple, a plum, tasted some great eggplant dip (and I don't even like eggplant) and a squash fritter. All were great. Yellow pear toms are my favorites - all of that for 4.65 - you gotta love farmer's markets!

Then I hit the road...

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