Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ken Sande - Peacemaking Marriage

Last night the Leadership school here at Southern had the opportunity to host Mr. Ken Sande, Director of Peacemaker Ministries. The first event was a couples' dessert. Well, you might ask...why was I attending - I'm not a couple. But, I do work for the LEAD School so I had to be there. What a treat I was in for! :)
His goal of marriage: to feel safer and happier near (your spouse) than anywhere else in this world. And the only way to get there: the gospel of Jesus Christ.
He shared many stories from his own marriage and parenting and other experiences in his life. He was personable and funny - but serious when it came to marriage and the gospel. And forgiveness and repentance. His points were Word-based and focused on the good news of the gospel of Jesus. In a Q/A time - he pointed out from John 13, 17 that this type of peacemaking would also be great for evangelistic purposes.
Marriages show the world the mystery and the glory of Christ. I pray for marriages that I know that their marriage would showcase that Glory. I pray for my own marriage - if God ever blesses in that way - that I would be a safe harbor for my husband to come to (and our home).
The thing I caught the most was to breathe grace. This also goes along with what Dustin preached on Sunday at church. our words and (internal talk) should always breathe grace to people.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement….we can never get enough reminders of the importance of showing God’s grace to our spouses and making ourselves a safe haven for them as well as our marriages being a witness of Christ’s glory!