Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Part 3

The morning started early in our Best Western hotel room. We went down to breakfast, checked out, watched some on the Feeder Bands of Gustav on TWC with our resident expert, Jessica! :)
Then we went to Publix to pick up our subs for lunch and made our way to Stone Mountain Park.
Climbing Stone Mountain was harder than I thought it was going to be, but also more rewarding when I got to the top. We climbed hard - Jessica was the champ finishing first. I pulled up behind her. We were all cheering each other on to get to the top. The scenes were beautiful from the top of the mountain. And the way down was just as hard, but harder on your calves and ankles. Well worth it - and its free (minus the parking).
We then ate a picnic with Publix subs, customized snacks, and cupcakes. We prayed specifically for each other before we left the park.
As we got back to the hotel - we knew it was going to end - and we each had to go back to our homes.
I then headed to Dahlonega, GA. My Dad had graciously payed for a hotel there if I would look for him some bluegrass music. Well, there was only one store and they didn't have what he was looking for. I enjoyed some ice cream at Connie's - the line was out the door - very popular place! Found two Southern Living cookbooks Mom didn't have, so I picked up those for her.
Then got to the hotel - I love having hotel rooms to myself. Read through Ephesians, watched the Wildcats beat the Cards (so excited the SEC pulled through), ate some wings and cheesy bread, then put National Treasure on sleep mode and went to bed.
Final day in Part 4

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