Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lake Malone State Park

After a full day of services at Cypress, I only had time to hit one state park this weekend. But, it was a pretty, quiet walk and adventuresome to say the least.Lake Malone is south of Central City off the WK Pkwy. It is well marked on how to get there and once inside it is also well-marked. I like that about a state park.
I'm thankful for the Boy Scouts who put up all these orange reflectors...but that is later. The trail runs right by Lake Malone. I loved the peaceful shore-lapping sounds of this lake, occasional motor of a boat or squeal of delight by a kid. The hike was a little more than a bargained for.
I was in flip-flops and dress pants, if that tells you anything. I'm glad I didn't change the pants because crossing through a field getting lost would have torn up my legs. And all I had to do was wash my feet when I got home. The terrain was very rocky (with giant rock walls in the woods beside the lake). Then there were times when it was very root-y - which means I had to jump over them or slide off them. It was fun though - about 1.5 miles in all.
At one point the trail ended and it said camping area - .5 miles across field. Well, that was all well and good - but the field was only foot-traveled about halfway through. So, I ended up there and headed back the way I came. I wasn't that adventurous. I'm thankful for the orange markers!
Peaceful drive, peaceful state park - not many people (I think I saw 2 other cars, but most people were on the lake).

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Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Sounds fun and adventurous! You were brave to do that in flip-flops!

I also enjoyed your post about church below. It made me wistful with some memories.