Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike, Power, and More Important Things in Life!

Good morning from restored power land! There will not be any pictures attached to this blog link because my camera was pretty dead from my wknd travels, and I hadn't recharged it yet by the time the power went out on Sunday. So...here we go!
Sunday I was just chilling, went walking in Brown and Seneca Park, just turned on the Colts game. The wind was picking up from TS Ike and a cold front that was coming down from Chi-town. When the two collided, we got up to 80+ mph wind here in the Ville. Trees were down everywhere. My power flickered a couple of times, but then finally went out around 1.20pm on Sunday.
The only damage the seminary received in light of this was: shingles down, doors blown off, some tree limbs down (no big ones I know about on campus), some water damage in a basement (don't know how this happened when we didn't get any rain), and no power for almost 48 hours. God is so gracious to us - more on that later.
Sunday night we had free food in the cafeteria for all who lived on campus. It was very humbling to see our President, Deans, and VPs serving us hotdogs and ice cream. What an incredible team of guys God has assembled here at Southern! So thankful for our leadership!
Monday morning the housing team was helping a couple move to another apt - so Lisa and I (after walking around St. Matthews area looking at the damage and getting some exercise) prepared lunch for the moving crew. I have just decided with my back not to help move anymore - but do things I am good at. So, we emptied our fridges and picked up a few things at the neighborhood Walmart which had power - and coupled that with what Lorrie had already brought in. It was good and we got to use up some stuff before it went bad.
Monday afternoon for me cleaning (while I had daylight), running errands (or trying to) and going walking. Then I came back and served some pizza (more free food on behalf of the seminary) to students. Then we had so many left over, so Randy, Trey, and I drove through Village Manor (a half-seminary, half lower income housing unit just down the street) giving out free pizza. Many were so thankful to get free food as they had to through out their food in their fridges, wasting so much money). These three girls we stopped and gave pizza to said thank you because they had no food. We passed one of the women later and she again was so grateful for the free pizza. Gratitude is usually expressed more when you have nothing. I need to remember that lesson. Then we played Hearts - which Randy most decidedly won, I think - or was it Lorrie - either way - I won 2 rounds of War! Its that competitive nature! :) Then I read some by one of those little light sticks that you break and shake to activate!
This morning I slept in, cleaned some more, started to take a shower and thought twice. Just got ready to come serve lunch. Then - the power came back on. Praise Jesus!
Seriously, with people losing money in the stock market this weekend, people losing lives and their homes in places of TX and AR and even here, people losing so much food from their power not being on - I can't complain. I only complained about the healthiness of the food - and fruit appeared this morning. I was so thankful!
So - Just some random verses about this subject:
Ps 18.28 - For it is you who light my lamp, the Lord my God lightens the darkness.
Ps 112.4 - Light dawns in the darkness for the upright, He is gracious, merciful and righteous.
Ecc 11.7 - Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.

So thankful for the Jones (where all my freezer food is), my car charger, Seminary leaders, free food at seminary, friends, and community!

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Wow..now everyone has no doubts about Who is in charge!!!