Saturday, April 08, 2006

Buying Vowels in DC

Well, 3 of my friends (including 1 new one - who ended up being from FL - good stuff) took an overnight trip to DC. We stayed in Crystal City. We had to argue (nicely of course) with the front desk staff, but finely got to sleep the top floor. Couldn't really see much from our hotel room though. We made it up there in record time.
Got up to rain...but we were going to make the best of it. So, we rode the metro (that is definitely how you get around in DC or any city), got off at the Smithsonian station. We walked down toward the Washington Monument - it was gorgeous even in the rain and cloudy skies. Then walked toward the parade - Cherry Blossom Parade that is. And I got to see Pat Sajak - yes, all I wanted to say as "Can I have an O?" But, even though we could take his picture, we couldn't yell at him. Oh, well.
Then they enjoyed the National Gallery of Art. Nice building, but I'm not much into french oil paintings, so I looked at it quickly, looked in the gift shop, and then talked with a friend who lives in Fairfax waiting for them.
We then walked to Georgetown (yes we took the Metro part of the way), ate at this great little bistro.
Then, we came was just too cold and rainy and windy to really want to do anything outside. So, I've still got several things I want to do in DC - can I really ever do it all?
Well, enjoy the pictures...these are my friends Victoria, Rachael, and Dana.

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