Monday, April 03, 2006

Teamwork = Gators = NATIONAL CHAMPS!

Its all about TEAMWORK!!!
Oh my goodness. 10 years after Wuerffel and Spurrier won the National Championship in football, Donovan and the 5 starters for FL - won the National Championship with the round orange ball!
They played aggressive, they played together as a team, they got a few "non" calls made when they traveled (are the refs really that blind), they blocked, they shot well, and they stayed with the game! :)
It wasn't just Noah, or Green, or Humphreys - it was all of them! :)
So, Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier - you got another coach on your hands. The 2000 team loss to Mich State doesn't matter - my Gators have just now at this moment won the national championship! Oh, what it would be like to be in G-ville right now! :)
It is lonely up here to be a GATOR fan, but I'll never stop!
We are the boys from old Florida, F L O R I D A. So, I didn't go there, but its ok! Flagler holds nothing that FL doesn't (except for my school loan papers!)
CHOMP CHOMP!!! See ya back next year! Good job Billy!

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