Monday, April 03, 2006

a rainy monday morning...

A Rainy Monday morning. It has already been storming here for the morning. Started shortly after I got up. Made some brownie cupcakes with pb chips on top this morning - they are for choir practice. Ate some eggo waffles and ff strawberry milk for breakfast. I just don't have any cereal or oatmeal and eggos were on sale - so you go for what is cheapest. They have been a great change for a while.
Today is busy. Work of course...(at least Duke girls won last night so there is a little bright spot for the Devils). Having lunch with a lady from church as we do some planning for upcoming events. Then hopefully if it is not raining I'll go walk around Duke's East campus tonight with Claudia. One of my girls and I are eating dinner together - since we haven't hung out one/one very much lately. Busy schedules - good gracious! Then off to choir practice and then home to watch the GOOD GAME! Can't wait!
Ok - on to some Psalms 44-50, then Leviticus tonight after the game...
40.8 - Do I desire that - or would I rather do my own thing most of the time - the thing that comforts me and makes me happy - no matter what it is. Usually that is the case...God help me to love your will and desire to do it, even when I would rather do what pleases me.
Ps 46.4 - Here is another verse that is a song. It is the first verse of the little chorus that Carol Cymbala wrote - "I will rejoice". Great stuff.

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