Sunday, April 02, 2006

LOST - an hour of sleep that is

Today was good. Even though I lost an hour of sleep - good day. Sat with some of my girls during church today, so it was good to see them. Saw one of my girls who is getting married and may actually get to meet with her next week.
Hung out with a friend for lunch over here. Most things turned out ok - rice was bland till you put some fresh salsa over it, but the new dessert things turned out well. I'm such a geek - I watch Food TV all the time. Would never want to be a Food TV Star, but oh how I love to cook. I would never want to get to a point where I hate cooking. Talked theology, ministry, and how the combine.
Then I went to hear one of my fave seminary profs speak at Greystone Baptist here in Durham. He spoke on how to be a better teacher - always inspires me to be a better teacher. Dr. Coley is his name - he teaches at Southeastern and he just started a new Christian school in Henderson NC called Crossroads.
Then I went and hung out with kiddos...then came home and watched some tv and played around on the internet. Good Sunday...
Tomorrow - lunch with a friend, work, walking, dinner with one of my girls, choir practice, baking brownies, GO GATORS - a full day, but it will hopefully end with a FLORIDA win!

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