Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Zephaniah and the orange highlighter

Zephaniah - the book that overworked the underpaid orange highlighter!
I used an orange highlighter to highlight (no joke) the judgments in Zephaniah - most of it was orange - poor highlighter.
Anyway...good stuff. Condemms the false worshippers (I would be under the hand of God's judgments). But for the grace of God go I! (John 8) He rebukes us for not listening, not accepting correction, not trusting in Him or drawing near to Him. He calls us to seek righteousness and humility. How do I seek humility? Everything I see calls to pride? Where do I find something different?
But then, minus stupid songs and cheezy lines: God is my close winning warrior who loves me quietly and rejoices over me with loud singing. When everything else in my life is a madhouse, I know I have God's unconditional quieting love to sustain me and carry me through everything.
And for that, I'm glad I'm hidden in Yahweh (only through the blood of Jesus). BTW, that is what Zeph means...hidden in Yahweh - are you?

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