Thursday, April 20, 2006

Teaching on Malachi

So, tonight was the last of the minor prophets for our small group (we'll catch up next week with Haggai).
But, Malachi has been a favorite book of mine since preparing a teaching outline for Dr. Nelson's class at seminary. It is a great. I told my girls that a subtitle would be "Unmasking Authentic and Inauthentic Worship".
From His commands to the nation as a whole (the normal people) to the commands to the priests (the pastors). Basically...all these "but, what" questions that the people ask God - how are they not worshipping the way He told them to?
How often do we worship in ways that He didn't tell us to - or do worship wrong: focusing on us, the style, what we sing, who we listen to, what we are wearing, what others are wearing, etc.
Thanks to Jesus our Great High Priest.


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