Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gators, wings, and shopping...oh, what a great day!

Whoohooo! Go Gators. The Pats kept it close the first half and they did well. But...second half (just like most of the other games the Gators have played) wasn't much of a game. They are in the finals. Hopefully it turns out better then the one a few years ago when they lost to Mich St. Monday night it is!
Made some great chicken wings (thanks to Alan and his pastor Keith). They were great. Had some girls over and they enjoyed them with me. Gave some away to them for their b-friends and sisters. Made some homemade salsa and scratch cupcakes. All turned out well.
Did some shopping today and got measured for the bridesmaid dress. It is really pretty and will look good. It was Michelle's fave and it is really pretty.
Anyway...that is all. Gotta figure out if I'm going to watch the other game...its not nearly as important as the first game was!

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