Sunday, April 09, 2006

Golf, bears, & cars (oh my!)

These are really being posted for my Dad. We would (and still do) drive around and he could always tell me the date and model of the classic car. They had many classic cars in the parade yesterday.
This was the first balloon I saw, I so I took a picture.

This is another classic car that drove by. Looked a jail car that was used in the movie Newsies or slightly like the one used in the Count of Monte Cristo

This is probably what people at the Masters felt like too yesterday, it was rained out and being finished (3rd round) right now. Phil has got to start making some birdies - he can't play it safe and make par if he expects to repeat the green jacket. But, I found this poor dead umbrella somewhere around the 600 block of Jefferson - poor, poor, little guy. Posted by Picasa

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Meredith said...

Yes, I feel for that umbrella! It's looking very forlorn indeed.