Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Turn off TV week and TIVO

Ok - this is funny. I do listen to Z while I am work. They were talking this morning about National Turn Off your TV week. Its amusing to me why they don't pick a week during the summer to have this, when none of the shows are winding down, all are in reruns.
But, the DJs said this morning, well, "I'll just tivo it". Then what is the point of turning off your tv this week?
Kinda crazy - technology.
I don't participate in this week at all, never have, just cause. But, I don't participate in it then TIVO it.
American Idol - has on Andre Boccelli tonight, and the female dj didn't even know who he was.

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Greg said...

TV is evil and it rots your brain. It makes people easier to control.

Actually, TV shows are ok. It is the commercials that are no-good. I pulled the plug on cable three years ago and have not looked back.

I do rent shows however, but I am in charge of my viewing stream.

Just a thought as I was surfing through.