Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pics from DC

This is of course the Monument. It was full for tickets to go up, so we had to settle for the ground floor view.

The next picture is Dana, me, Rachael, and Victoria awaiting the arrival of our first metrorail to take us to the Smithsonian.

The third is of course the metro sign! :)

The next is one of the floats in the parade. There were others: a panda bear, hello kitty, but mostly pretty good high school bands (one from Naples, FL) and freezing tap dancers because it was cold!

Then this is the guy that asks you if you want to buy a vowel. I got to see Pat Sajak - the highlight of the day! :) I'm almost kidding!

Always, good to be in our Nation's Cap. Great city - great country...will have to go back up there!
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