Friday, July 07, 2006

3 Cheers for Friday

Two reasons for the title: yes, we give three cheers for Friday, but also, I read and studied Ps 3 today. One of the times I read it was while eating a bowl of cereal for lunch in the cafeteria in Duke North. It was crowded, and I was hurrying, but it was good times! That's where the Spirit showed me the reality behind the psalm.
2 Sam 15-18 tells the story of what is behind this Psalm. David is King - but his son Absolom wants to be king. So, he gathers all these people to go and be on his side to overthrow the King. Sons were their father's glory back then. Daughters didn't matter as much - and this is evident in the grief that David shows following hearing about his son's death. He wasn't concerned anymore that he was trying to kill David - but only could say - Oh that I would have died instead."
Now, onto Ps 3. This is the scene. David is running for his very life - now somewhere by the Jordan River. It is dark, his breath is heavy. he's probably sweating under his ephah, heart racing, hair drenched (really needing a sun visor), his horses are tired. He is trying to be quiet and still but it is hard when you know this might be the last night among the living. His cry is one of urgency to the Lord. Don't you understand God - don't you see they come - they are coming, come on, do something... David realizes (in faith) that the cave nor the river are going to save him - God is. God is going to be his glory (not his son Absolom). Then, amongst all the commotion - he sleeps. He probably doesn't even realize how tired he is because he is too excited, adrenaline pumping. But, he wakes up in the morning b/c the Lord sustained him. Then, after having the faithfulness of the Lord provide - he realizes that he is not going to perish - God will provide again. Then its almost as if he is standing up with fist raises in the air, ready to charge and go to battle - his assurance is in the Lord.
So, when the bad nights come in, when it seems like everyone is against you, when the things you are good at cease (your glories), realize that God is faithful. God will see you through. He will not let you perish (heaven - eternity). He will not give you something that is more than you can stand (you and Him together). Remember - to wake and know that He is God. No thousands of armies are going to reign over you - God is your glory!

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