Thursday, July 06, 2006

Getting intimate with the Son

Had some friends over for dinner tonight. I love the depth of our friendship - we just don't get together and goof off (now playing cards is fun and very worthwhile), but we also talk about meaningful things. One of the questions Lindsay asked me tonight was "what is my fave psalm". Could I claim just one - I study them more, I get to like many of them - couldn't claim a favorite.
This picture is one I took in Indonesia this summer. The reason I put it on there is because of Ps 2.8 "Ask and I'll give the nations as your inheritance". This is actually a picture of the holy book for their religion. Their's doesn't contain truth - our's does - because it is the very breath of the only God! And the other was taken in Singapore - all those gods - and not one of them loves you. I am thankful that I serve ONE GOD and that He sent His ONLY SON to die for me, yes, because of His justness, but also, as John 3.16 says - because he loves me! Even as the Summit is doing focus on Durham this week - He loves people and has a plan for those right here in Durham. We worship other gods too - we just may not have such elaborate temples...
Now, onto Ps 2.
Neat how similar verses 2, 4 are to Ps 1. But, verse 4 is opposite. Now it isn't the wicked who are doing the laughing - but God mocks them in their wickedness. God laughs at them - in their attempt to do things that aren't according to Him. But, oh how quickly that changes to wrath.
2.12 - "Kiss the Son" - adjust yourself to Him - not the other way around. so, we start with the psalter asking why the nations do things on their own, and ending it with telling them to put themselves in line with the Son - or else the wrath of God.
How often do I want to do things my way. As Brad prayed tonight for dinner - he said God, lead us - even if we may be thinking we are going one way, you take us a different one. That is so true. I get so set on one thing - that may not be the thing that God has for me. He may want me in a totally different direction. God - let me "kiss the son" all the time - convict me where I am wrong. When I want to do things myself or my way - Spirit - nudge me HARD!
In line with that, Acts 4.28, "For to do whatever thy hand and they counsel determined before to be done." - The Sovereignity, predertermination, and timelessness of God.

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