Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh the things I miss...

Ok - so this is a great way to end a day...
Oh, the things I miss...
1. Getting to watch all the FL sports on tv b/c I lived in the good state. I didn't have to wonder what game I was going to get. If the Bucs were playing - we watched that. Gators were on on Saturday. It was great!
2. Getting up in the morning to see the sunrise at the beach in St. Aug. I didn't mind getting up at 6 every morning b/c I got a spectacular view each morning and enjoyed the ocean breeze each night. that was the life
3. I miss being around so many guitarists: James, Bobby, Jill, Jeremy, Wendy, Brad, Ame, Tonya - it was the life back then!
4. I miss seminary days when I had to spend all day reading the really thick books. I visited some friends' blog today for the first time and enjoyed reading through their list of "fave books". You should go check them out. I put one on my list of books to get and others on a list of must read - because I already have them. Great discussions there too!
5. I miss the days growing up when I read things and didn't question them - or just saw people for who they were - not wanting to know what they thought on theological issues. It is great too - but sometimes I think (and incorrectly so mind you) that those days were better. Praising God for the mind I do have, however!
6. I miss the days where my Dad paid for everything and part time jobs were the only ones needed. Not having bills to worry about or pay was the life. Just ask Dad - hey, can I have 20$. Or buying groceries - whatever we wanted, not what was on sale or was the Harris Teeter special buy.
Just some good ole' days...
Now, onto Ps 16...This was the basis for a class I taught my first full semester at The Summit. It was called Full Joy - for the last verse. "in your presence there is fullness of joy, or pleasures forevermore"
This psalm is all about the Christ who was coming. It signifies many of the prophecies that Christ the Messiah would fulfill. That last verse is so good though.
My heart is glad in you
You are my chosen portion
You are my beautiful inheritance
You are my refuge
My whole being rejoices
You are my good. (the whole monergism/synergism thing that I've been thinking about lately)
In your presence there is fullness of JOY - FOREVER. Not in anything else. Just finished watching a show and the preview of next week's episode stated something like I want everything no matter who it hurts (but having to do it is SIN and sin causes pain and in the end death). And it won't give you everything anyway...
Thank you for directing my paths, answering some questions, letting me think back to what yu have brought me through and the joys you have given me here on earth - oh but that they are just a mere glimpse (a taste) of what you have for me in YOUR PRESENCE!

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