Monday, July 03, 2006

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Today's blog brought to in part by paid holidays (tomorrow) and this bands. This is Michael W. Smith who sings (along with tomlin, but he stole the show yesterday) Forever (Ps 136 - which I read today). The girl in the photo is Krista Black-Lovely - famed violinist, surfer, crazy girl, traveler, and best friends with a good friend of mine from Auggie-town - Jill.
It is also in tribute to Thomas and Joy - friends of mine in Texas who are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary today. Congrats guys - I love you, and the time we got to hang out at the convention was not long enough... This is them this past Christmas with their daughter Rachel.
But, now that the advertisements are onto to the Word.
The 130s were my reading today...
131 - This seems like it is true for this period of my life, for I don't know how long. Jenn taught on silence in our study of disciplines. We watched a Rob Bell nooma video on it that was surprisingly good. Our schedules do not allow us to be silent - but who is to blame for that...
132.12 - very similar to others in the book - success comes with obedience and faithfulness - Ps 112, Ps 1, the life of Abraham and Job
135.18 - the Psalmist is talking about trusting in idols. The ruin of those who follow and listen to them comes in this verse. There is no hope in following idols. They are hard and impersonal. Even our money, materialis, cell phones, time wasters, tv, movies, striving - they are all impersonal and unable to save us. There is no real security in those.
136 - this is why I put the SMitty info up there...
Why should we give thanks to God:
He is good
His steadfast love endures forever (many times)
God of gods (supremacy)
Lord of lords (masterful)
Performs great wonders
138.1 - This is starting to become a major theme in the readings...and one of the most convicting...
I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart;before the gods I sing your praise
WHOLE, unified, undivided, non-compartmentalized.
Knowing His Name and his Word He has placed above all things - if I want to be like Him - shouldn't that be true in my life then.
Ps 138.8 - The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me - This is a sure promise. Reminds me of Phil 1.6 - holding steadfast to His word in times of desert and drought or the pastures (as JD likes to say)
139.5 - He is my protector and my keeper - my sovereign one who will never let me go and knows everything about me.
139.23 - Do we dare ask these verbs of God: search, know, try, know, see, lead...Do we really want Him to do that - what would He find?

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