Saturday, July 08, 2006

Heaviness for the Emptiness

Good morning! I love the weekends that I usually have a little more free time to spend in the Word, in prayer, in reading, in journaling - I'm not in a hurry to get ready. Also, the fact of getting up early instead of sleeping in till who knows when. Discipline - thank you Spirit.
Today is the wedding of Jonathan and Sarah. I love both of them and know that God is going to use them greatly for the furtherance of his Kingdom. Sarah is one that is definitely set apart - a good wife (Pr 31) - one who knows the Word and fears the Lord. One who seeks after righteousness.
Ps 4 - again, I love looking at things more close - you get a whole new appreciation for the verses that you once just skim over: There are several verses that stick out to me:
v 2 - (I think of The Weight of Glory by CS Lewis - great book that I finally read in Indo last summer, but need to probably read again) - How long will we change the heaviness of God's glory for something that is utterly empty and worthless, not costly at all, things that will burn up?
v 3 - God has severed from the world those who are godly (by the Spirit - not by our empty works)
v 5 - Continue to obey - do what the Law tells you to do in accordance with sacrifices - but don't put your trust in those works. Trust belongs only to the Lord. Our righteousness (good works, sacrifices) are again filthy rags in front of Him. Do them, but don't trust in them.
v 7 - I think of how often I want more money or more things...I look at others who have them and sometimes they are the most miserable people in the world. God gives more JOY then in the richest and fullest of times. Even when they are empty (I think like Habakkuk says) I will put my trust in you and rejoice.

Dispell the love of things in me. Make me obey you but not to put my trust in those things - may my trust and hope and glory lie only in you.

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