Monday, July 10, 2006

An abnormal Monday

Yes, my Monday was actually pretty good - that is rare - no one ever hears of a Great Monday - only a manic monday (how's that for a song in your head, Cora).
I got word this morning of an update from a church I've been praying for in NY. You can find them linked earlier in a post in mid-June. A former boss of mine loves sports stars who love Jesus...well, John - here is one for ya...I guess there is one good thing to come out of the Yankees program (yes, I'm a Mets fan). Keep praying for the pastoral staff (bryan, shane, and Josh) as they wait for God's timing on a place to start corporate worship in September, a worship leader, and as they teach the Word of God to people who have never heard it.
I had a good Bible study with some of my girls. We were studying fasting tonight, Laura did a great job - she is a teacher you know! There is such a strong correlation between prayer and fasting. Two things were said tonight...we wouldn't live without praying would we, so why would we live with fasting? And I said in response to one of the girls saying that a pastor in the 1700s wouldn't hire a pastor who didn't regularly fast, and I said, well, that is habitual sin isn't it. I didn't even know the truth of it till after it came out of my mouth. That is convicting. Purpose...that is one good key point to fasting. not legalism.
All day I've been concentrating on Ps 6. More good stuff...
David used such strong language here about his state in life...when was this?
Languish - depressed, feeble, weak, almost lifeless
How long? How long what? how long would he remain that way? How long until he died? How long until God rescued him from that? How long would God remain silent?
4, 5:
Turn, O Lord, deliver my life;save me for the sake of your steadfast love. For in death there is no remembrance of you;in Sheol who will give you praise?

The sole reason for our deliverance and salvation is for the sake (the renown) of God's covental love - NOT ME! In death there is no praise of You.

Again with the strong language: moaning, drenched with tears, flood, wastes away...David could have just said "Look Lord, I'm tired - can I get some help down here please?" God would have understood that. But, God - (really writing this Psalm) wanted us to get a look at the despair that David was experiencing - many times we are in the same desparate situation. What do we do? Do we call out to God? Pray? Fast? Meditate on the Word?

Then there comes the switch as often I have found out - it happens in David's writings...
His confidence returns. No longer is David looking at his situation or his enemies - but he is looking at HIs Victor! Of his ANSWER! Of his Deliverer. I'm singing a Rich Mullins tune in my head "My Deliverer is coming, My Deliverer is standing by..." Can't you hear it...lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

Anyway, from a heart that is happy Monday is over b/c I'm tired, hoping for a good Tuesday...hoping everyone out there in blog land has had a successful Monday as well!

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