Sunday, July 09, 2006

did you know...

Today and yesterday are brought to you by that question...
1. Did you know that Jonathan and Sarah got married yesterday - he absolutely adores her and she totally respects him. It is very cool to see. Congrats to them both!
2. Did you know that at this point I don't want to get married because if single life is hard - I learned this weekend that both Christian and non-Christian marriages are hard - why would i want to invite someone else into the hardness with me?
3. Did you know that Jilly got engaged - not this weekend, but I found out this weekend.
4. Did you know that Pastor Bill is a good preacher and Matt let me sing this weekend. I went to WXR in Raleigh and loved singing in the choir - it was so random though.
5. Did you know that there were hiking trails behind Flaherty - that was random too. Rach and I went this morning. I like hiking with her because it pushes me. I told her I didn't like her anymore b/c she made my hamstrings hurt. how dare she? It was good exercise at 615 this morning.
6. Did you know that Frank can cook a really mean steak. I would just let it be the marinade - but the grilling of it has to do something for it!
7. Did you know that one of my former seminary roomies is back in town - April, who was serving in Africa with SP, is now back working at the sem and going around telling people about the ministry God let her do down there. Today was her first time at Moe's...I wonder what she thought...she was digging the queso!
8. Did you know that I want my life to revolve around Jesus and His Word, truth, renown - but then sometimes when Wal-mart is so crowded and they are out of everything and it is still expensive and you wait just as long in line as you do shopping - it is really hard to be patient?
9. Did you know that Pirates 2 is definitely not as good as the first one. I don't think the acting by any of the main people was as good in this one as it was in the first. It had a lot more religious mockery in it than the first one did. It won't be going in my collection. I liked the ending though - it will be a good draw for the third one whenever it comes out.

Ps 5 was today. More good stuff - will I say that about all of them?
5.3 - The Psalmist obeys by praying and preparing the sacrifice in the morning and then what does he do?...He expects God to work. How often to do we pray in unbelief? That is why we often don't get whatever it is we are praying for - because we don't pray in faith.
5.7 - The only way the psalmist could enter the presence of God is by God's abundant steadfast love. So...His more than enough, eternal, faithful, covental, based on Himself, love. That is the only hope we have of seeing His face.

I was listening to some more Shane and Shane (go figure): Waging War:
That I might see the day, this waging war, goes away, to be no more. That I might see His face, and hear Him say, son, welcome home, the over

That is the only time this war between flesh and spirit will be over - when my body is lying dead in a grave and I am kneeling in front of the presence of Jesus - then it will be over. My flesh can never take over and reign anymore. Only He will reign...

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