Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh how I love Sundays

Sundays are always good. Went to the singles' class at the Creek this morning. The lesson was on integrity - complete under pressure. Always a convicting topic. Sermon was on the outward/inward life of the Christian who is Spirit-filled. Love - genuine love - not wanting to gain anything for itself - that's another tough one.
Then I read some in The Horse and His Boy while waiting for Matt and Rach. We went to Cameron Village for lunch and dessert. I'm glad a had a veggie wrap for lunch b/c Matt bought desserts and I had a bite of his inside out peanut butter cup. now, I've gotta try to make it.
Then we took a trip out to Rolesville and saw his house - very Matt-esque. He's done a great job so far remodeling it with "sands of time" paint! Sebastian - his dog - has gotten so big! I couldn't believe it! He weighed like 85 lbs.
Wal-Mart was next - no much going on there. Then I came home and sorted my closet by fits, about to fit, got a ways to fit - sections. now, I know I can pick anything out of the "can fit" section and wear it. My room is also a lot cleaner and I can now see my chair!
Now I'm finishing the night off by reading the Word! Still in the Psalms. Almost done reading 10 chapters a day - then I'll do 5 a day and really concentrate on them more. In Ps 111-130 tonight:
Ps 112.1 - This echoes what Ps 1 says - and I heard that is what Rick preached on today at the Summit - will have to go and listen to that sermon. It also goes more in-depth for the blessed:
1. Many children - mighty in the land
2. Wealth and riches are in his house
3. Light dawns in the darkness - I would think that when the going gets tough, the path is still lit.
4. He will be remembered forever
5. Firm, never fearing, trusting in the Lord
6. Will have triumph over his adversaries
115.1 - Why are we always seeking glory for ourselves: whether it is how we dress, sing, read, preach, teach, play, study, etc. When clearly all the glory - everything we were created for and are supposed to be about - is totally not us. Here the psalmistnsays - give glory to YOUR NAME! Not to us - the Chris Tomlin song - says it great!
116.6 - He preserves the simple? Simplicity - that is definitely not something I am familiar with in my life...what would it look like for me to live a simple life?
117 - To sum up the shortest chapter in the whole Bible - "Hey, you, everyone...God's love is eternal and constant - that's reason to praise Him"
Now, from the shortest to the longest. This is the best stuff in the Bible about the WORD
A - repeat of Ps 1 - how many times must I hear it until I get it. Like Will said in Pirates of the Caribbean to "Miss Swan" - "At least once more Miss Swan."
B - Purity, Wholeness, Delighting, Meditating (kind of what we talked about this morning)
G - Oh that verse 20 would be true in my life: "My soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times."
D - Strengthen us to run in your ways - everything else is dust and sorrow
H - V 37 - turn my eyes from worthless things (Ps 4, Ps 101) - funny how God chose to repeat so many things in Scripture - He had to have known how stubborn and sinful we would be in choosing to disobey them.
W - I will keep, I will walk, I will speak, I will delight, I love, I will meditate - oh, Spirit - make it true in me.
Z - Shouldn't it upset us when we see the laws of God being broken. Shouldn't that be appalling to us? how often do I laugh at it, turn my head, not turn the channel or turn the tv/internet off?
H - v 62 - here the psalmist says he praises Him at odd hours of the night because of His laws. How often do I get overwhelmed b/c I can't keep them all or do i just fall asleep while reading them? Are they really that important to me?
T - The Worth of the Word
Y - 75-80 - I wonder what struggles the psalmist was going through at this moment. His whole tone seems to shift - almost a bitter tone to it - one spoken out of pain.
K - Life, in the face of death, comes from the Word, keeping them, and the steadfast love of the Lord.
L - Your word is eternal -just like you.
M - The repition of this psalm. Again, you'd think we would get it by now - but somehow we don't.
N - 105 - one of the first verses I had to memorize at Lakeland Christian. It is on one of the yearbook covers of when I was very young - It is also I think where they get the key phrase "education in the light of God's Word."
S - Out of love for your Word - comes a hatred of evil things. We can't be perfect - but our hatred for the evil in our lives comes from putting ourselves up to the mirror and seeing who we fall short of...
A - 127 - again, the Worth of the Word
P - Why do I turn to everyone else when I need an idea of what to do - I need to just turn to the Word. After I do that, then seek other counsel - knowing that the answers they give better line up with Scripture.
T - Couple of times in there and earlier: God's character side by side with his actions. Boy - remember that. Our character determines how we act. Sort of what David was saying today - if we have been changed by the Cross and the Spirit - then shouldn't our lives reflect that change (a SCC song)
Q - And I like to sleep = what is wrong with me? Oh to be like the Psalmist - who wakes panting for the Word, in the middle of the night.
R - Sum, every one - the completeness of Scripture - you can't take one with the other
S/SH - Not only does he keep them (rote obedience) but he also loves them (passion)
T - Even when we go astray - SEEK ME (Lord, seek me, find me, haunt me)
Ps 121 - This is another one of my fave psalms to sing. I think I'll go listen to the Brooklyn tab version...I mean word for word - what better things to sing - then the Words of Scripture
Ps 124 - Sounds like Rom 8.31. Where do I look to for help - the NAME of the Lord - use it, call on it, scream it out...It is a POWER NAME
130 - where do I place my trust or where do I hope - let me hope, call out, wait, trust, be patient for you - knowing you work alone for your glory.

Good time in the Word - I love just readin it - when I do. You would think that if I loved it as much as I say I do - I would spend more time in it and more time digging into it?? Lord, create in me a passion for your Word and your Name more than anything else in the world.

How long is it till another Sunday...6 short days...

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