Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Tossing of the Garbanzo Beans and Choices

Its been a good but long weekend.
Went to Apex to teach a girls' weekend for my friend Kasey. I've learned that youth ministry isn't really my thing anymore - because I like to go to bed at a decent hour and it is hard to explain holiness to 8th graders. good gracious. But, girls got stuff out of it (or so they said). I got stuff out of what I tought. I started reading the Screwtape Letters too!
Then today a group from WXR went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, then went to Target with Vic to get 4$ pair of shoes! I've been waiting on those things to go on sale for forever! I wore them tonight to WXR with my new JCrew outfit. Rach and I went walking (ie sweating) this afternoon. Then we baked, made chicken salad and hummus, talked with some friends, went to church (more on sermon later). Then came back after church and hung out with Matt (worship guy at WXR and friend) for a while and tossed garbanzo beans - that was a blast! One of the last pix we took tonight - i have no clue what happened to it. But, this above is me and Matt, and then Rach mixing up the hummus.
Anyway - the sermon. Out of Proverbs 3.7-12. one of the application questions was...
"Do we revere God enough to choose His over what we want to do" - or something to that affect. It was all about fearing God - does that color the choices that we make - whatever the choices. What a great question. Thanks Pastor Bill.

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your hair is getting so long! pretttty! [/randomness]