Monday, October 24, 2005

Good morning - Oct 24, End of proverbs

28.5 - Help me to seek you and understand justice. Understand and know that I deserve hell and by your grace and for the glory of your name you chose in your wisdom to save me from eternal separation from you.
28.14 - Keep mine as a heart of flesh as brought to me only by you (Ez 36)
29.18 - Give us righteous prophets in our day - ones that will give us vision for the future, especially at the Summit as we continue to seek your face for where we are to go next.
29.20 - Make me stop and think before I talk: whether in my prayers, or in my interaction with girls, or in my interaction with outsiders (Col 4).
30.5 - Every WORD of God proves true - thank you for a faithful and exact Word that I know I can trust because of the One who spoke it.
30.32 - Since I have been foolish enough to praise myself in the past - I pray that you would cause my hand to go over my mouth when i feel like doing it again (29.20)
31.11 - What can I do now that would cause my husband to trust in me?
31.15 - Work this in me, don't let it always be a struggle - reward me with your presence while it is still night
31.25,26 - Give me wisdom, strength, and dignity - may they characterize me even now. There is some work to be done - or grace to be indebted to.

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