Saturday, October 29, 2005

your Beauty was perfect

A lot of reading today - must have read it wrong yesterday or a mis print - oh well.
16.14 - For your beauty was perfect through the splendor that I bestowed upon you. I do wish physically I could live up to that, but I can't - oh, please help!
16.15 - Oh, but if I had just read the next verse. Oh, never let me trust in my own beauty. That is what I do when I am thin. That doesn't mean I can't be thin - but let me trust in you no matter how long my hair is, what I weigh, what size I wear - or how good of a teacher I am - never let me trust in my self instead of you and play the harlot!
16.28 - Playing the whore doesn't satisfy...nothing will besides you. I try so often to fill it with other things and it just isn't going to help - only you will satisfy every desire that I have ever had and ever will have because that is how you created me
16.31 - I would never consider myself a harlot because I won't take payments. Who cares?? Than I am just being reckless with my heart and going after every thing looking to be loved. I have the best husband at home!
16.32 - Again, read the next verse!
16.60 - What a powerfu little word...yet.
16.62 - That you may know me!
16.63 - When I atone for all that you have done. Every time I play that harlot - that is the sin that has been covered by the eternal covenant that my God made with me when He sent JEsus.
18.23 - God takes no delight in the death of the wicked - but wants all men to come to repentance.
18.32 - So turn, and live - REPENT! Do do wicked things.
20.6-7 - He has given us the most beautiful land anywhere. yet we choose idols and play the harlot - but he wants us to know him because of who He is.
20.9 - He acts because He is jealous for His name. He did not want it to be profaned then - nor now.
20.12 - The Sabbath is use to sanctify. use that in my life!
20.26 - Why does he provide and why does he judge - so that we may know Him for who He is
20.32 - why do we want to be like other nations - whorring after other gods, worshipping wood and stone when we have a living God?
20.38 - By discipline you will know that I am the Lord your God who has brought you out of your sin.

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