Monday, October 31, 2005

Oct 31, Ez 25-28

I'm so thankful that today, on All Hallow's Eve - that you reign in the world and that nothing goes on without you knowing about it!
25.14 - And people say that God is love (and that is all), but these three words: anger, wrath, vengeance...don't sound very loving...they are disciplining words...but I guess that is love in the long run...
26.13 - Even the music will be stopped...when the people don't worship and love God only.
28.2 - Often times it isn't even other things that i make a god in my life - it is me. Here it is says that they made themselves gods - doing what they wanted to do - worshipping themselves. Lord, let me not follow after my heart and know what i want out of life - let me follow after you, ask, believe, and obey you and not myself - so that i may know your favor.

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