Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oct 5 - Ps 83-86 - Catch up #2

Keep right on going - Psalms are great - let me tell you!
83.16-18 - What great verses! All sorts of good things tonight: Shame us when we go against you so that we may seek your name. Consume us. Let us know you the God Most High over all the earth. Let that be our missions prayer as well!
84 - What a great psalm - even in song:
84.1 - Why do I think other things are so much lovelier than your dwelling place? I need and want to yearn to be in your presence. Create that desire in me!
84.10 - Only you can make this true in my life - oh how I pray this!
84.11-12 - These are our blessings: favor, honor, good things, sunlight and shield in danger, someone stable we can trust in! Let me walk in integrity!
85.2 - At the end of this verse about God forgiving our iniquity and covering our sins - it says to dwell on this thought. I can imaging the choirmaster and psalter singing this and then just pausing and standing there. But they didn't even have the full knowledge of Jesus yet - and I don't have it fully - keep pouring into my life till I see you Jesus - better is one day!
85.6 - Revive us to rejoice in You! When we are revived (brought back to fullness of life) than we will see our full joy and our pleasures forevermore!
86.11 - Teach me Your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth, unite my heart to fear your name. May everything in me fear your name and know that you are GOD

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