Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Honey from a rock

Another day in the psalms. I just spoke on some of the psalms - but neither are these. Good books. JD used a well-known Lewis quote out of Reflections tonight at prayer meeting. Good stuff!
79.8-9 - He will not bring against us our sin and our guiltiness because we are under the blood of Christ His Son. That is His compassion. And why does He help us and bring to us salvation - "for the glory of Your name".
80.3, 7, 19 - "Restore us O God" by letting your face shine on us. Restoration comes through being in God's presence (like Moses, Isaiah, Peter, Paul).
81.8 - God is pleading with us to hear his admonishing - to hear Him when He disciplines us (those whom He loves). We will not get anything good from listening, serving, and loving other gods or things or idols, etc.
81.10 - He saved us in the past and we have reason to think that He would fail us now? Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. All in the midst of discipline and remembrance!
81.16 - Finest of the wheat, honey from the rock - I WILL SATISFY YOU! These are the best of things that He will give us and then He will satisfy us Himself! What a great promise - if I will hear and obey the ways of the Lord.
82.8 - God has all the nations! What a great missions promise! Judge the earth, but I pray, in your wrath - that you would remember mercy. I begin praying for Thailand right now - that you would begin judging our hearts, but preparing the hearts of the people of Chang Mai right now. You have set before time this trip and these people that you will allow us to minister to. Thank you for that - thank you for hopefully letting me be a small part of what YOU are going to be doing there.

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