Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oct 4 - The Entire Book of Lamentations

This book was also written by Jeremiah - so he wasn't done telling the thoughts of the nation of Israel - but I'm sure it is the same old story.
1.3 - We can do whatever we want and chase after the wind (as Solomon says) but 'she has found no rest' - we will never rest and be completely satisfied in anything but Jesus.
Chapter 2 - the Words that tell of the anger of God when His people defile His name: anger, swallowed up, wrath was thrown down, he has cut off, burned like a flaming fire, bent His bow, slain all, poured out His wrath like fire, become like an enemy, swallowed up, destroyed, violently treated, despised, rejected, abandoned, determined to destroy, destroyed and broken. God is jealous for His glory!
Lam 3.21-26 - Recall and have hope in this. God loves me with a forever love. Lord is all I need. He is good to all those who wait and seek Him. Not for a husband - for salvation.
Good reminder of what I am teaching tomorrow night as well.

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