Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oct 19, 2 Kings 17-19

What a great night of prayer and praise and choir practice. Man, to look forward to the days of being in on Wednesday nights - or Chris moving it to another night. Monday nights are good, but oh, the power in there on Wed nights - thanks God. I know its the same power - but multiply by experience and number. Thank you for the break from teaching this week - even though I love it - thanks for letting me sing "you're everything to me, more than a story, more than words on a page, of history, the air that I breathe, the water I thirst for, the ground beneath my feet, oh you're everything..." help that to be true.

17.7-23 - The exile of Israel was because they were idolators: sinned against God, feared other gods, walked in the customs of other nations, secret wrong things against the Lord, built high places in their towns, made offerings on the high places, provoked the Lord to anger, did wicked things, served idols, wouldn't listen and were stubborn, despised statutes and covenant, went after false idols and became false, followed nations around them, abandoned all the commandments of the Lord, made and worshipped metal images, burned children as offerings, witchcraft provoked the Lord to anger, led other nations astray.

17.33 - God has no competition and wants us to not have any in our lives.
17.41 - This is opposite the legacy that Chris was talking about tonight. But then Hezekiah comes in and starts a new legacy. Can't change the past, but can direct our future by following God and leading the way.
19.19 - The end is everything..."That all the kingdoms of the earht may know that you, O LORD, are God alone."

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