Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Little later this morning - Oct 26, Ez 5-8

I've been getting up early and starting the day praying with one of my friends, but I was disobedient this morning and stayed warm and therefore fell back asleep. But I like being in the Word before going to work.
5.8 - He will execute judgments for His great name - in their midst because they have disobeyed.
5.13 - Jealousy, glorious, wrath - all to satisfy Himself.
6.9 - Sort of reminds me of the Black Pearl - if they leave no survivors - who lives to tell of its fame? God wanted to leave some alive so they could tell of what He had done in their midst.
7.19 - No money is going to help in the throne room. nothing else will satisfy us - only God.
Judgment and they will know the Lord. No discipline and they will not know. Sounds like proverbs to me.

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