Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oct 25, Another Major Prophet - Ez 1-4

When i saw that this was next I said yeah! I immediately thought of ch 36, but show me some other good stuff in this book.
1.28 - His response to seeing the glory of God (like so many others in the Word) - he fell face down, another right worship posture.
2.8-10 - Ez wasn't going to the nation of Israel with good, happy news. He was going with words of mourning. But, he was to eat - then share. God urged him not to be rebellious like the rest of that nation.
3.3 - These words of mourning tasted like honey to Ez. Just like Ps 19 says - let us treat the word of God as it is honey and sweet and get our fill of the word! (Just to be hungry for more).
3.15 - The task is often overwhelming - but we have a God who is bigger than the task at hand whatever it is!
3.27 - his mouth was shut unless he had a Word from God. God - let me speak wisely and words that are of you - and not just to hear myself talk.

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