Sunday, October 02, 2005

October 2, Catch #1 Again, End of Jeremiah

Finally, we are at the end of Jeremiah. What a good book. I've learned the more of what I know is toward the beginning and more of the stuff I don't is at the end. But, I love the prophets. We often think that the words that God spoke to men is only in the prophets, but all the writers of Scripture were prophets in their own way - because they all communicated what God said to them through the Spirit and put it on paper!
49.4-5 - Why do we trust in things we do (as a church, as an individual) - even the things we do well and in the name of God - can be stripped away. God work in spite of our good things. We pray that you would use them, but not to the degree that people start looking at us and not at YOU! Because you still have the power to strip away and burn up our treasures!
50.34 - Their Redeemer is strong, the LORD of Hosts is His name. He will surely plead their cuase. Oh, God, thank you for redeeming me. Please hear the cry of our church today and bring people today who need to see your glory, see your face, see You move in their lives - so that they may live, and so that further more - YOU may get all the glory.
51.15-16 - Creator and Sustainer - not like the deists (Jefferson).
52 - last verses. What a picture of grace. The prisoner released by the king, his prison clothes thrown off, and then he dined with the king the rest of his life - what a picture of our life saved by grace! :)

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