Monday, October 10, 2005

Oct 10, 1 King 8-9

8.11 - Boy, wouldn't this be a "happy" problem: the priests couldn't minister because of the cloud - which was the glory and presence of the Lord. Oh, that we would have that very problem. That we wouldn't be able to stand in worship due to the presence of the KING in that place.
8.12 - "thick darkness" This is what it means to have God's presence of His holiness among us when we worship.
8.41 - 43 - Solomon prays that "when foreigners come" because they have heard of HIs greatness - then they will know you as God and fear you and your name. That is the reason for missions and worship!
8.58 - Good verse on God choosing us..."that He may incline our hearts to him." The rest of the verses talk about obedience and God being near to us, but this clearly says that Solomon is praying that God would incline - would bend - our hearts toward HIM!

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