Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oct 13, 1 Kings 16-19

Just spent an amazing evening with a friend of mine who is a true sister in Christ, iron sharpening iron, convicting, edifying, sharing, loving, laughing...

16.31 - As if it was a light thing to walk in the sins of his father. Lord, it is never a light thing to walk in any sin...ANY sin! Make me remember that in everything I do. Rom 7.
17.24 - Lord, I don't want to have to raise the dead to make others see that you are with me. May it be even so that the people will know that the Word of the Lord in your mouth is truth. May people hear what comes out of my mouth and know that you live and are God!
18.21 - how long will you go limping between 2 opinions?...This is what the Lord says to me in many areas of my life: including strongholds that aren't him.
18.38 - Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering. May our lives be lived to you in a burnt offering, not for us, but so that others would know that you are God!
18.39 - Oh, what a response to the consummation!

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