Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oct 8 Sticking with the OT - 1 Kings 1-3

This is a combination of two days - this weekend. I start a new book: 1 Kings.

1.4 - I guess you can lie in bed and not "biblically know" a woman. Go David - restraint, but also health reasons.
1.29 - Toward the end of his life, he can again count on the rescueing and faithfulness of God - "who has redeemed my soul out of every adversity."
1.40 - Wow, there was an earthquake due to the noise from the of the people when Solomon became king.
2.1-9 - David's dying remarks (last wisdom) to Solomon - his son: Be strong, be masculine, keep God's charge, walking in his ways, obeying his laws, walk before Him in faithfulness, act according to wisdom
3.28 - They knew even his justice to be founded on God's word.

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