Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Before the dawn

Ok - so I am a morning person, meaning I like to get up early, but i'm not really a social morning person. I need to get up, have time to myself, get going.
Something I've always admired about my mentor is the fact that no matter what she has going on in the day or what time she goes to bed, she always gets up early in the morning to have her time with God at her table. I remember when I lived there and her husband was working, she would get up, get him off, and then have her time (usually with some coffee or tea). But, in the mornings, that is where you would find her (and still will find her to this day).
All this does go together:
Ps 119.147
"I rise before the dawn - cry for help, I hope in your words."
Confrontation - that is what the psalmist is doing. He is attacking the day before it really gets going with the Words of truth to help him attack the sins that he will face that day. He tarries in the Word - he just doesn't do his quiet time and then leave - read and verse and that is all. He tarries (hopes) in it.
And just the other day I was talking about schedule - i guess I know what I need to do. And, yes, i know there is no formula - but there is obedience.

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