Tuesday, May 29, 2007

what is your remedy?

So, tonight was the season finale of House - shocker even for most diehard HOUSE fans - but we'll see what next fall holds.
Then I was flipping through the guide to see what else was on. One of my fave movies: Sweet Home Alabama. And it was at the good part (where they talk in the coon dog cemetary. But, I have seen it. It took all that is within me (Spirit) to deny the flesh and shut off the tv and read the psalm for tonight. Then, then is the one I read:
Ps 119.143
"Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments are my delight."

When I am stressed from the day, anxious, pressed in from every side - what do I do? Usually I either cook, exercise, or most likely - watch tv or a movie. But - here is the psalmists remedy...delighting (finding extreme satisfaction) in the Word of God. The Word delight - every time it is found in the psalms - is used in regard to the Word of God. How cool is that?

So - the nex time you are stressed to the max - take time to see what you delight in - and go there.


Clifford said...

the house finale was kinda like, "eh?" but also...kinda anti-climactic to me...and i've been watching for the past 2 seasons...it was just...weird.

good point on delight, there. ever read about the dangerous duty thereof?

kd said...

yes, I have. One of Piper's best overall - good summation of his core beliefs book. Also, short, so good one to give to people to read.