Friday, May 11, 2007

more bubbles

I read this and thought about this while on the way back from Little Sarasota Bay today. went down there for a great Mother's Day Lunch at a cool restaurant with great mahi mahi right on the water. Cloudy, but the smoke wasn't too bad down there on the water.

This is the verse my mind clung to today: ps 119.37
"Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways." This is a prayer of helplessness to the only one who can do it.
The writer is crying out - a sense of desparation - for God to turn his eyes, both physical and spiritual from looking (or contemplating, considering) worthless things: bubbles, vanity, emptiness - Ecclesiastes). I read that book this summer when I was learning about striving - how I do it and why I shouldn't do it - it was "depressing" as my roommate called it - but it was eye opening as I learned how often I chased after these bubbles.
But, by God turning our eyes from bubbles to his ways - there we find life. Not just life, but revived life (same as in 17), sustaining life. Isn't it amazing. One thing finds no worth at all - and the other can make all the difference.
This is where I find hope in the hopeless - make me look at it more.

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