Thursday, May 24, 2007

Honey and other palatable desserts

I love the imagery the Bible uses to make things come alive to us. This verse is no different:
Ps 119.103
"How sweet are your words to my taste - sweeter than honey to my mouth."

I love to bake - everyone knows that. I love to bake for others and let them enjoy the sweetness and savor it. Their reaction is enough to make all the baking I do worth it - especially when they aren't expecting it. That is even better.
My Dad love pb and honey sandwiches - that would be his lunch of choice if he had to have something quick all the time. It sticks to your mouth and is sweet.
That is what this verse is talking about.

Take the sweet, smooth words of God, the law, and chew on them - they are palatable to your taste, they are pleasant even more so than honey to your literal mouth. Honey is gummy and you have to sit around a while to get it out of your mouth - it stays around. That is the same the Word is supposed to do - it is sweet, savor it, chew on it, mull it around, meditate on it - just the same as you would that expensive piece of dark chocolate, or how I do a dulce le leche piece of cheesecake from the Factory.
Do I savor the word - at least it isn't going to go straight to my hips (hopefully my heart and mind instead)!

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