Friday, May 25, 2007

words and worship

I love it when Scripture and praise music are intertwined. Or in another words when you are reading Scripture and a song comes to mind, or (and hopefully more often) the other way around.
Tonight I was reading Ps 119.120 and a Passion (Jami Smith) song came to mind, first had to find the name of it, then I realized I had it - so I listened to it - behold the power of technology.
To Speak Your Name
My heart trembles at your word, my feet dance to your praise
My lips quiver to speak your name
O God reach out and hear our words, we sing them now let our hearts be heard
O draw us in to your sweet embrace
We live our lives in worship to you
We bow down, we cry out, in worship.

Even looking at the words of this song - outward signs (quiver, tremble, bowing down, crying out) of an inward longing (hearts be heard). Our outward worship (hands raised, dancing, jumping, volume, crying, bowing, etc) should never be the telltale - our heard should demonstrate that. Sorta like coming back to Matt's Heart of Worship.

Anyway - back to the Psalm at hand:
"My flesh trembles for fear of you, and I am afraid of your judgments."

The flesh is the physical body - trembling (sorta like when you are afraid and the hair on your arm stands up or you get goose bumps). But, this isn't a horror film - this is the God who is deserved to be feared. He is more important and to be revered than anything on this earth. Does our outward lives show the inward movement and knowledge of the God of the Universe and what He has done for us? Shouldn't our worship prove that to a world who is dying and going to hell? Should they get the "Edge" of what eternal worship around the throne will be like (borrowed somewhat from ABC)?

I think so.

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