Thursday, May 24, 2007

worship and truth

Just watched a video for song-writing by Tim Hughes and then listened to one of the new songs off his CD - Clinging to the Cross or something like that. Didn't get to listen to all of it, but what I heard was great truth!
Then I read my passage in Ps 119 for tonight - what a great lead-in.
Ps 119.108
"Accept my freewill offering of praise, o Lord, and teach me your rules."

The idea of begging here - the psalmist begging God - to please be delighted in his praise of the One True God. He wants God to take great delight in his offering. Not just any offering, but one that is huge - free, large, over the top (like what Tim Hughes was saying in the video about U2 concerts). Why can't we be over the top in our worship of God - who is much bigger than U2 (or the Beatles)?
But, in our over the topness - we must remember John 4.24 and worship in spirit and in truth.
Second note - he not only wants his offering to be accepted, or delighted in, but he in turn wants to be disciplined in the truth, chastised in it literally. How often do we come to worship with the heart intent of being disciplined and chastised by the One who receives our worship? That is where Prov 22.6 and the famous Bible passage in Paul's letter to Timothy comes in.
If we want our worship to be acceptable and pleasing - than we must let the Word and the Spirit sanctify us. Then, maybe Ps 19.14 (our thoughts may be pleasing in Your sight) - can be true of us and we can be true, and delighted-in, worshippers.

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