Monday, May 21, 2007

psalmist's logic

Here we do find some logic in Scripture. we are at the midway point! Thanks for continuing to read and hopefully be challenged like I am.
This is if so...then (or that) logic.

"In your steadfast love give me life, that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth."

The other sayings in this section (81-88) are screaming of pain and affliction and crying out for the help of the Lord to come and rescue him. Who knows how long he has had to endure whatever it is he is enduring? But, how often to do experience painful times and continue to cry out - looking and waiting for relief?

THAT...if you do this...if you make me alive in your steadfast, zealous love for me...

I will guard or keep your statutes, your words, whatever you have told me to do.

Sometimes we pray prayers like this in the passing moment...God, if you'll just do this, then I will do anything you want (go to Africa, sell everything I have, etc). But, here the Psalmist says - if you will give me your faithful, steadfast, zealous love to make me alive again - I'll live that life to glorify (obey) you and your rules.

What good logic - do we live by it though?

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