Monday, May 07, 2007

The Longest Psalm

Since I've been talking so much about the importance of the Word - I thought I might study about it. Ps 119 is most decidedly the longest section of Scripture - but there is so much to it that I thought I would take it slowly. There are already built in sections. So, I took the first section tonight and read it while on the elliptical - takes my mind off the sudden inclines!
The first one that stood out to me was 119.4
"You have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently." So, I studied it...

You...obviously not us, not our interpretations or thoughts on that matter, but the CREATOR, King of Kings, Sovereign One, Lord, the Commander in Chief.

Have Commanded...past tense. He has already told us this. And it isn't something to be taken lightly. It is a command. I was thinking of soldiers when they receive a command all they can do is say "sir, yes sir". Is that our response to our Commander? Not hardly. Well, speaking from personal experience. I try to rationalize it, say I can do it next time or something else. Instead of immediate obedience.

Your precepts...Again, not mine. It doesn't matter what I think, just keep. Precepts (many different names for the Word in this psalm) means something that is pretty much established as general rule.

To Be treasure or to guard, to keep. I was thinking of the Proverbs where it says to guard your heart above all else and now Rom 12 where it says do not be conformed but renew your mind. This is how we do it.

Diligently...this was my "hmmm" word for tonight. When I read the m-w definition it made me go hmmm. (That is what I mean). It comes from the word to esteem or to love. Wow - so really, when the Word says they will know you by you keeping the commandments, and love your neighbor, or do to the least of others and you will love me. But, also this word means earnest, energetically - with eagerness keep ALL the instructions of the Lord.

How often, if we do keep his commands, do we do them because we'll get something or we do them with a chip on our shoulder, or a hard heart. This goes right along with the other stuff I'm learning...joyful obedience.

Well, more tomorrow from the second section of Ps 119.

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