Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a new kind of war strategy

This verse is markedly different from each section of it:

Ps 119.95
"The wicked lie in wait to destroy me, but I consider your testimonies."

The godless, the people who are hostile to God (Romans 5.8, 3.23 should ring a bell) expect - eager and hoping - to destroy the godly. Destroy here has a meaning of to make wander - like a sheep from a shepherd. So, the people who don't love the things of God - himself, his son, etc - want to make those of who do wander away from our Shepherd (John's gospel) - and we are dumb sheep of course.
But, as Eph 6 points out - if we take up the armor of God, the sword of the Spirit (your testimonies) - then we will be powered to stand up against Satan (and the godless, wicked).
To consider here means "to distinguish to to know, separate". We have to know these - the true ones - to distinguish them from the world's lies that sound oh so promising: you'll be happy if..., this will solve all my problems, I can do this and no one will know or find out... But to consider them, as M-W puts it: "to think of especially in regard to taking some action, or to gaze on steadily." I love the first part. We consider to take action - the wicked lie in wait - I'm sure they get tired being so hyped up all the time just in seeking us harm.
But, God wants us to rest in his Word, considering His testimonies - and put it on to go to war!

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