Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cease striving...

A fun weekend in DC was capped off this morning by just some quiet time before heading home this afternoon. After I let Buddy out and gave him some food, got a little more sleep, it was good just reading the Psalms some more. Friday night I was able to also read the Psalms and continue in the Hudson Taylor book. I also started reading a book Felicity had entitled Love Letters from Cell 92 - the love story between Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his wife of less than 5 years.
But, onto the Psalms. Even in the past week I've learned a couple of things...wait and trust (even though I don't like those words, that is what God commands). Also, that I am a very selfish person and I wish God's grace would allow me to die to self everyday and have Christ be the only one alive in my life. The battle between flesh and spirit is so prevalent in my life...will it ever cease.
In Ps 41 - There is a contrast between the life of the one with integrity - and the wicked. The eternal dwelling for the righteous is in God's presence.
Ps 42 - very familiar psalm for most readers of Scripture. Pants...thirsts...Humans are supposed to drink lots of water everyday. I've heard you are supposed to drink half your body weight in oz. Don't know if that is true or not, but I can tell when I haven't drank enough water - my throat is dry (even when I swallow). So, how dry is my Spirit. What would it look like to "drink 1/2 your body weight" in the word of God and in His fellowship?
42.11 - Two repeated questions...self. That is why. Why do I often get downcast - because I'm considering the things I'm missing in life - not what God has blessed me with (salvation, Himself, family, friends, support, health, etc).
43.4 - God my "exceeding joy". This would go back to Ps 42
44.26 - Why are we redeemed? Why aren't the saved going to hell and why are the unregenerate going to hell...God's lovingkindness, His justness, His holiness, our sinfulness.
45.1 - What is my "good theme". Is it God? Or do I love to talk about football, tv, reading, sports, cooking, etc. What would happen if my good theme that came out of my mouth was God and his grace?
45.11-13 - God is my king and he will desire me. He has provided the righteousness - may He make me all glorious within. That means there is no room for self.
46.10 - I hadn't read this version in a while, and it is a little harder to do. "Cease striving". I love being still and quiet. I don't like to cease striving. I'm also working hard at what's next - how can I be better - how can I impress - where's the next best thing in life...Why don't I cease striving to make myself better and know that God is God - including God over all those things I just mentioned.
47.4 - That goes right along with this verse. He chooses...not me. Praise God I don't choose or I would be married by now, I'd be in a different place, I'd have studied something else, I would have never gone places that I should have. I'm so glad God has a better (no BEST) plan for me and that is his choosing - before the foundations of the world (Eph 2.10)
57.2 - "I will cry to God Most High, To God who accomplishes all things for me."

Cease striving, rest, wait, trust - enjoy all the accomplished things of God.

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